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VeroModer Swimwear collection


Dear reader.

VeroModero Swim wear collection Time!
This time is V style Swim wear. and it is very sexy back style.
Including Slink Physique fitmesh and Standard mesh 5 size and Limitless color change HUD.
VeroModero creator Bouquet Babii is amazing creator. Her shop never closed for very long time. (I believe....)
It comes from her hard work and how much she loves design and create.. and those cloth were loved by a lot of people.
Even not bikini, this is sexy specially from back style ♥

Swim wear : [VM] VERO MODERO / V Mayokini Shine with Color HUD
Hair : Magika - 01 - Checkpoint
Body : Slink Physique

Have Happy shopping at VeroModero!
Thanks for coming to my blog!



Dear reader... Hope your lovely weekend <3

I would love to introduce you *FLOWERDREAMS CREATION's special offer and !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! released new accessory for Aloha Fair 2016.
Aloha Fair is running to the 10th August!

This picture's main is "Accessory" ---
 Necklace : !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! - Tropicalia - Necklace @ Aloha Fair 2016
 Earring : !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! - Tropicalia - Earring Left  @ Aloha Fair 2016

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Sue - fuchsia @ 99L offering until Sunday midnight
Hair : Eaters Coma - HAIR 66

I don't use mesh head when i wear Slink body. i know would be more beautiful i wear mesh head..
but i like my avater head too ... :)
so if there is unbalance point of my face, this is my taste it excuse?  :D

but, Nile has released for Catwa head make up applier.
This makeup applir is 99L offer of this weekend.

She is so beautiful <3
now i am thinking so serious to buy Catwa head....

Hope you like FlowerDreams gown! …

leather dress with purple by Prism


Dear reader. Hope your FAB weekend <3

Prism Design time!
Prism design creator Journey McLaglen released beautiful purple leather dress "Kat Perforated Leather Dress"
It was released for Swank event but my blogged was too late :p
so you can find this dress at main store of Prism Design.

picture1 & picture2
 Dress : Prism Kat Perforated Leather Dress by Journey
 Necklace : +M's Avon+ICE NECKLACE (Gift) @ M's Avon main store
 Hair : Magika [01] Give
 whole body & head : The mesh project

Kat dress including The mesh project Fittedmesh / Slink Fittedmesh / Maitreya fittedmesh / Ruth fittedmesh and standard mesh 5 size.
of course i blogged with my TMP body!  and it is so nice fit on my body :)
M's Avon ICE NECKLACE is free gift. if you don't see well this picture, go to main store and get this gift <3

Hope you like Prism outfit and Ice necklace!

Thanks for coming to my blog.

Lets Camping out


Dear reader.  Hope your lovely Friday <3

Partner said it called "Trailer" and he is right but  i don't want to call this CHEZ MOI released "Caravan" for SaNaRae. (from July 25th to 18th August)
Trailer ... sounds like truck for me and it is not pretty. but Nanda released Caravan is so lovely <3
You can check about Inside picture and about animation are in CHEZ MOI FURNITURE official blog.

Caravan Waves (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ SaNaRae
Caravan Canary (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ SaNaRae
Caravan Passion (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ SaNaRae
Caravan Penelope (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ SaNaRae
  --> available 5 color / in PG and in Adult.
pool : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Inflatable Pastel PoolFun @ in-world /  Marketplace
Chair : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Chair Stripes PoolFun @ in-world /  Marketplace
Chair : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Chair BlueL PoolFun @ in-world /  Marketplace
Chair : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Chair Stripes PoolFun @ in-world /  Marketplace
Chair : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Chai…

VeroModero Bikini collection


Dear reader.  How was your day? My day is just started!

I want to introduce you about [VM] VERO MODERO "Band Bikini Boho" before i go to work.
Bikini top and bikini bottom each has color change HUD. bikini top changeable for 4 pattern.
bikini bottom changeable with limitless color change HUD. so you can do customize the bottom color by tops pattern.
Bou created and relaeased that top and bikini bottom has pattern too. i will blog about it later on.

picture1 & picture2
 Bikini :  [VM] VERO MODERO / Band Bikini Boho
 Hair : Magika [01] Give

Hope it would be one of your summer bikini collection.
Will see you soon.... :)

Thanks for coming to my blog!

Sweet Home Gazebo


Dear reader... Hope your Tuesday will fine / is fine / was fine!

OKOKOKOK!!! i am very excited to blog more than before.... <3 I never think that flicker is so much important for me...

.:M.LAW:. released new gazebo "Sweet home Gazebo" for Cosmopolitan event.
Looks like this is a home.... but you will see nothing there over the door.
but i took picture as a small house..with lovely dog and his house and Bicycle together. I think this would be so nice picture as a train station..and specially country train station :)

Gazebo : .:M.LAW:. Sweet Home Gazebo @ Cosmopolitan  (by rezzer)
Dog house : ROSENGARTEN MESH DOG HOUSE with Labrador & Puppy Single menu
        @ About Around The Grid in 80 Days 4 Hunt (from July 13th to 30th September)
Bicycle : {what next} Summertime Bicycle Pose Prop (Seasons Hunt) (previous hunt)
Garden path : Fu's Garden Path 1/4circle

Landscape Credit --
grass flower : G.O.C.landcover(10*10*05) only on Marketplace
grass flower : *plowwies…

Pure Nature and Chandelier dress


Dear reader! I am so exited that my flicker account back to "public / safe" of safety level.
OKOKOKOK!! so i can upload all my picture to blog to my flicker without hesitation!!
when my safetly level was "moderate" my picture could not to put in some group...i have feel very sad .... lol

btw, I would love to introduce you Prism Design outfit "Sia Chandelier Skirt" created by Journey McLaglen and Kat Carter of Moondance
and very unnormal hair is "Pure Nature" by [Bizarre Hair]  at Hair Fair 2016.

dress : Prism Sia Chandelier Skirt  by Journey
Hair Hat : [Bizarre Hair] "Pure Nature" Hair @ Hair Fair 2016.

outfit and hat hair both are very unique and they are an art.
you can wear butterfly and bee particle with hat. to show you in picture is little bit hard for me..
if you joined "Hair Fair DEMO group". you can get from demo group... even not DEMO. if still in group notice.
and this is not mesh. some people say not mesh h…

*FLOWERDREAMS 99Loffer_0724


Dear reader.  Hope your beautiful weekend <3

*FLOWERDREAMS CREATION has special offfer for gown and for Catwa meshhead makeup applier.
Don't miss this offer until Sunday midnight!!!

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Eliza - dark red @ 99L offering until Sunday midnight
(applier coming to Slink / Belleza / Maitreya, and System layer for Standard avater)
Hair : Eaters Coma - HAIR 66
Body : Slink Physique Mesh Body

and Makeup applier for Catwahead!

One of 2 is Cat EyeShadow .... It is cute. The other color you can find at main store. 
(The other color is not 99L, but not very expensive full price :D)
and Beautiful Red Lipstick. Most i love lipstick color is "Red".  Because looks sexy :)
You can find the other lipstick (for Catwahead) at main store. They also not very expensive full price :)

Have fun <3
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Swimming pool under daylight


Dear reader... Hope your Saturday is fine / will fine / was fine!

Right now, i am trying with best to back to "Safe" of Safety level of flicker account.
My account was flagged to "Moderate". Because some pictures was "moderate"
but i want to back to Safe definitely! so i deleted some picture and sent a review offer to flicker team.
I hope i can back very soon....

But, i wanted to blog for Bee Design released "Paradise Swimming Pool" for Cosmopolitan.
You can choose in PG or in Adult. I think much romantic in Adult type♥

Swim pool : .:Bee designs:. Paradise Swimming Pool P1l @ Cosmopolitan
Tent : .:M.LAW:. Round tent PG (indian) (in -world / Marketplace )
Planter : [CIRCA] - "KAIU COAST" Palm Floor Planter - 8 Colour Menu

Palm tree : p8 4 + 2 palms set copy version by inVerse™

It is so gorgeous! You would to put on land by rezzar.
I could not decide where i put this pool forest or sea side when take a picture.
when i s…

Simply Me! @ Fitmesh outfit


Dear reader.  I am here again! lol

Simply Me! released full fitmesh outfit "Tube Lace Minidress".
Fitmesh for Slink Hourglass / Physique, Maitreya. Not including Alpha layer, only for mesh body.
So if you don't have mesh body, it would be not fit on your body....

Texture change by HUD.

picture1 & picture2
 outfit : Tube Lace Minidress by Simply Me!
 Hair : Eaters Coma - HAIR 37 / MOCHA
 Body : Slink Physique body.

Location : LICK sim design

LICK sim will be closing on 27th Wednesday for new design!!
So if you never didn't visit yet, Must to visit! I am looking forward already how to create new design on the sim!

Thanks for coming to my blog.
Have a nice day <3

Retro fashion @ Designer showcase


Dear reader.  I hope your Thursday will good / is good / was good!

When i checked my flicker page, i received one message...
This mesage said my picture was chosen group cover of "ღ Bloggers, Photographers & Artists ღ"  Wooo!!!
My picture was chosen for each shop group cover a few times.( not many times...)
but like this group, open for anybody group cover is my first!!
i feel my today going to be so nice!

Designer Showcase time now!
as always, i would love to introduce you [Loovus] and Lindy's lovely shoes.
already some persons blogged this combination. because dress and shoes are so nice lovely match for me too.....

 outfit : [Loovus] - Emazte - Peach @ Designer Showcase July
  (Including Belleza Fitmesh / Matireya Fitmeh / Slink Fitmesh, Standard mesh 5 size)
 Hair : [e] Karee - Essentials
  outfit : [Loovus] - Emazte - Limpet @ Designer Showcase July
  (Including Belleza Fitmesh / Matireya Fitmeh / Slink Fitmesh, Standard mesh 5 size)

Native American Spirits


Dear reader.  Hope your Wednesday will fine / is fine / was fine!

Have you visit The Liaison Collaborative (July Dreamweaver) ? Running from 7th July to 30th.
Amazing Creator and amazing creation. They are so attractive for me.I love this event very much.
So! Bee Design is participating with this event from this round.  Released "Southwestern Gacha"
per play 50L / 3 rare, 12 common

Bee created the taste of Native American. I took picture as figure "Kokopelli".
They are dancing in my picture.  "Kokopelli" was said that the god of southwestern of Native American culture.
It is a Spirits of Native America.  

Credit ----
.:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Kokopelli  @ The Liaison Collaborative July
.:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Sofa 2 RARE  @ The Liaison Collaborative July
.:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Ladder 2  @ The Liaison Collaborative July
.:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Cactus with lights 1(orange)@ The Liaison Collaborative July

Prism Design at Sea side town


Dear reader.
Still am trying to catch up to Prism!!

I would love to introduce you Prism released "Vera Tube Dress Sets" Created by Jezzixa Cazalet.
This is not very new release. but i wanted to blog this item definitely because including heal  compatible for The mesh project too!
Looks very summer chic that the chain on shoulder.
available 6 design.

 outfit : Prism Vera Dress & Shoes by Jezzixa in Geo 4  (Including Heal for each mesh body)
 outfit : Prism Vera Dress & Shoes by Jezzixa in Geo 3 (Including Heal for each mesh body)

I hope you will choose one of your summer outfit! specially if you have The mesh project body.

Thanks for coming to my blog!
Have happy shopping <3

VeroModero Island Bikini


Dear reader.

VeroModero 2016 Swimwear collection (I made the title of course not official lol)
This post is third post for Swimwear of VeroModero and this time is Bikini <3
This is mesh bikini. when i wear the bikini on the mesh body, always wearing cloth applier.
but when nice fit with body, it is looking very comfortable.
Including Limitless Hud for Color change. Compatible for Slink  hourglass / physique.

picture1 & picture2
 Bikini : [VM] VERO MODERO / Island Bikini with Color HUD
 Hair : Eaters Coma - HAIR 37
 Body : Slink Physique Mesh Body

I hope you will choose one of your bikini collection on 2016!
Thanks for coming to my blog!

Keeping the safe of Goddess


Dear reader.  Hope your Tuesday will fine / is fine / was fine!

Bee Design released "Indian gacha for On9 July round.  per play 50L / 1 rare 8 common.
As well as known that The god of the head of elephant on Hinduism. I have visited to Indian restaurant in RL often. There are decorated on the wall many the god of the head of elephant.
But, Bee Design released elephant is very lovely <3  is it looks like keeping the safe of goddess in picture?

Credit --
.Bee designs :. Indian gacha Hanging Bed RARE   @ On9 July Gacha
.Bee designs :. Indian gacha Seat 1 @ On9 July Gacha
.Bee designs :. Indian gacha Seat 2 @ On9 July Gacha
.Bee designs :. Indian gacha Floor pillow 1 @ On9 July Gacha
.Bee designs :. Indian gacha (table)  @ On9 July Gacha
.Bee designs :. Indian gacha Floor Pillow 2 @ On9 July Gacha
.Bee designs :. Indian gacha Rug @ On9 July Gacha
.Bee designs :. Indian gacha Elephant @ On9 July Gacha
.Bee designs :. Indian gacha Godess @ On9 July Gacha

Enjoy the Gacha! (But …

Spicy night chillout


Dear reader. Hope your weekday will be fine everything!

Have you visit new round of On9?
Aphrodite shop / <Heart Homes> released new item for On9 new round. I took picture forest situation. but it would be sexy on the beach also!
Lovely mouse Dumpling also released by Aphrodite shop for On9!
Enjoy Shopping :)

Credit ----
Shower set  @ On9 July (in PG and in Adult)
<Heart Homes> "Asian Beach" Shower (PG) v1.1
<Heart Homes> "Asian Beach" Side

Lotus Chillout set  @ On9 July   (in PG and in Adult)
 <Heart Homes> "Lotus Chillout"  Gazebo with light
 <Heart Homes> "Lotus Chillout" Sofa (PG) 1.0
 <Heart Homes> "Lotus Chillout" Hanging Planter
 <Heart Homes> "Lotus Chillout"  lotus flower candle
 <Heart Homes> "Lotus Chillout" Standing Planter
 <Heart Homes> "Lotus Chillout" Coffee Table
 <Heart Homes> "Lotus Chillout" Fire Bowl

Dim sum



Dear reader. Hope your nice Sunday <3

*FLOWERDREAMS CREATION designer NILE.Karas released 2 gowns as new group gift.
as always. her gift is not different quality her the other product.
if you are group member, don't miss to get this gift <3
Cloth applier coming Slink / Maitreya / Belleza, and system layer for standard avater.
and wearing accessory was released by M's Avon!

picture1 & picture2
 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Amal -white (group gift) @ New Group Gift
 Earring : +M's Avon+ Mirror Ball Earring Gold
 Necklace : +M's Avon+ Swinging London Nacklace
 pose : Di's Opera - Liberty 2 - 8 @ Cosmopolitan event 

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Amal -red (group gift) @ New Group Gift
pose : Di's Opera - Liberty 1 - 3 @ Cosmopolitan event 

We hope to all of the member like this gown.
and i am very glad if you have interesting in *FLOWERDREAMS CREATION by my picture and join to group.

*Flowerdreams by Nile.Karas group

enjoy summer beach


Dear reader.

Its really Summer time <3
so I wonder what this shark couple talking about ... :)

Credit ---
.:Bee Designs:. Summer Fun Gacha Shark on bench @ Cosmopolitan Event & Shopping
.:Bee Designs:. Summer Fun Gacha Chair 1 @ Cosmopolitan Event & Shopping
.:Bee Designs:. Summer Fun Gacha Chair 3 @ Cosmopolitan Event & Shopping
.:Bee Designs:. Summer Fun Gacha Bench RARE @ Cosmopolitan Event & Shopping
.:Bee Designs:. Summer Fun Gacha table RARE @ Cosmopolitan Event & Shopping
.:Bee Designs:. Summer Fun Gacha Octopus-Orange @ Cosmopolitan Event & Shopping
.:Bee Designs:. Summer Fun Gacha Torch
Bungalow Waves CHEZ MOI @ Mix 50%OFF (July 1st - 31th)  (in PG and in Adult)
Palm Tree with Blanket Summer Adult CHEZ MOI (in PG and in Adult)
                                     @ BUY NOW - Online Event(July 1st - 31th) 15%OFF only on MP
Teak Adirondack Summers Adult CHEZ MOI
                                     @ BUY NOW - Online Event(July 1st - 31th) 15%O…



Dear reader. I hope your lovely weekend <3

"ONCE UPON A CURious GIRL HUNT" is running from 16th July to 17th only for 2 days.
You can grab only 1L$ all of hunt gift and 100% proceed going to American cancer society.
Supporting for Relay for Life.
I would love to introduce you merchants hunt gift for you.
I am very happy if you have interesting in this hunt and enjoy hunting.
Hunt object is "open book". Start point --> RFL Life
Be hunted presented  ... official blog

Lets go.

Hunt gift (outfit) : *SF* Pocahontas 4 Color Full Outfit
 (including Slink high boots / Long mesh hair / accessory)
Shop name :  Scandal Fashions

 Hunt gift (outfit) : Queen Elsa Mini Dress (not including heal)
 Shop name : Black Rose Designs

Hunt gift (outfit) : .:FNAD:. Megara (for female above picture, not including heal)
               (not picture) .:FNAD:. WonderLand In Blue (for Unisex)
Shop name : Fire N Ash Designs

Hunt gift (outfit) : Snow White Gown and Shoes for Women …

{AnaMarkova} @ Designer Showcase July


Dear reader.

{AnaMarkova} released new dress for Designer Showcase July.
Fitmesh for Slink / Maitreya and standard mesh 5 size.
available 9 color.

 outfit : {AnaMarkova}Tarina Waves @ Designer Showcase July
 Hair : Eaters Coma - HAIR 66

 outfit : {AnaMarkova}Tarina Rose @ Designer Showcase July

Hope you visit to Designer Showcase and Enjoy <3