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There is always sunshine


Dear reader.  Hope your weekday is fine so far!

Still Summer is here! I have enjoyed "Summer" in Secondlife. and still i will enjoy :)
For me, "the season" very important element on Secondlife. the other word say that on RP in Secondlife.
So i dont wear long sleeve outfit in summer, i dont wear summer chic outfit in winter.
of course it is depends on what situation. but basically i wear the outfit in RL season outfit.
that is the same for furniture and decoration for me.

Beach towel : Aphrodite "Vintage  Beach" Towel PG  1.1d
parasol : Aphrodite "Vintage  Beach" Parasol
bag : Aphrodite "Vintage Beach" Deco bag
[CIRCA] - "Beach Drifter" Clam Cluster - Lavender @ Beach Drifter Gacha in main store
[CIRCA] - "Beach Drifter" Starfish Neutral Mix (4) @ Beach Drifter Gacha in main store
[CIRCA] - "Beach Drifter" Clam Cluster - Coral @ Beach Drifter Gacha in main store
[CIRCA] - "Beach Drifter" Clam C…



Dear reader.

If your main body is mesh and if you love applier cloth, Must to know about Simply Me!
of course, your avater is non mesh body too!!
There is a lot of sexy and cute applier cloth on the shop.
and rencely, Simply Me! creator Jazi have begun release fitmesh outfit also.
Check it out <3

This time i would love to introduce you so so sexy lingerie set "Babygirl"
It is almost no cloth on the body @@

Lingerie : "Babygirl" Lingerie Collection by Simply Me!
 *Cloth applier coming #The mesh project / Slink / Belleza / Omega System, System layer for non mesh body avater.
 *Color including 10 colors.

Hair : Eaters Coma - HAIR 66

Body : #The mesh project
Skin : alaskametro<3 HYBRID skin - Rose - Kismet @ official blog / in-world shop

Hope your sexy Secondlife. Happy shopping <3
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Dorothy @ SaNaRae


Dear reader. Hope your nice weekday <3

One of regular designer Jayley Oh's Me Sew Sexy released "Dorothy Dress" for SaNaRae new round.
available 2 pattern / 6 color.

Have you visit already? Its running from 25th August to 18th September.

 Dress : MSS Dorothy Dress Solid Blue @ SaNaRae
 Necklace : +M's Avon+ Dollar nacklace  (color change by HUD)
 Hair : *barberyumyum*May2016(groupgift)

 Dress : MSS Dorothy Dress Green @ SaNaRae

 Dress : MSS Dorothy Dress Pink  @ SaNaRae
 Bag : *MSS* Teddy Bear Bikini Bag Grey

Have a "Kawaii" time on SaNaRae and Happy shopping <3
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Smile Friends


Dear reader.  Hope your wonderful Sunday <3

I think this time i could blog in time for Lost and Found.
Lost and Found event is running only for 10 days ... this round will close on 1th September.

Bee Design released so so cute 2 Gacha " Counting Sheeps gacha "French Rose Gacha".
I decorated together. andi think they are so so adorable :)

French rose gacha @ Lost and Found
 Bed : .:Bee designs:.French Rose Gacha Bed RARE
 Rug : .:Bee designs:.French Rose Gacha Rug
 wall clock : .:Bee designs:.French Rose Gacha CLOCK RARE
 Mirror : .:Bee designs:.French Rose Gacha Mirror-text change
 table : .:Bee designs:.French Rose Gacha Nightstand
 Frame .:Bee designs:.French Rose Gacha Frame
 Ottoman : .:Bee designs:.French Rose Gacha Ottoman 1
 Ottoman with cltoh : .:Bee designs:.French Rose Gacha Ottoman 2

Counting sheeps gacha  @ Lost and Found
 Blue rain : .Bee Designs: Counting Sheeps Gacha-  Blue Drops Pillows
 Pink rain : .Bee Designs: Counting Sheeps Gacha-  Pink drop…

Alania Bikini @ Prism Design


Dear reader. Hope your lovely Saturday <3

I tired for Catwa head and this is my first time.... too late? lol
Catwa released static head "kaori" and this is only 400L. So right now, i can not stop to look for new skin ... lol

Prism Design released Cute Skirt bikini " Alania Bikini Set" created by JEZZIXA Cazalet.
Cloth applier coming for Belleza / Slink / Maitreya, and System layer for Standard avater.
available 6 color.
Still Summer is not ended at least in August is Summer season.

Head : CATWA HEAD kori [Static Head]
Skin : Insol: Face 'Ashley' -ST03 'Peach'
Body : Slink

 Bikini : Prism Alania Bikini Set by Jezzixa Cazalet in Brown Black
 Hair : *barberyumyum*81 (brown) @ FLF
 Pose : Glamrus . Trinity 06

 Bikini : Prism Alania Bikini Set by Jezzixa Cazalet in Orange Blue

Hope you visit main store.

Thanks for coming to my blog this moment!
see you soon...

A delightful evening


Dear reader. Hope your sweet Friday <3

when i go to Campfire, i can not go to without Bug spray lol
but it would be so sweet if i go to with i love one.. specially the sky is very clear and very little bit wind night.
and when go to family, it would be lovely memory of childhood.
Aphrodite shop released " "Family Fun" Complete Camping Set " for Tres Chic event.
Tres Chic is running to the 10th September.

Aphrodite shop  "Family Fun" Complete Camping Set " @ Tres Chic
 Tent : Aphrodite Family Fun Camping Igloo Tent C
 Tent : Aphrodite Family Fun Camping Igloo Tent B
 Couple log : Aphrodite "Family Fun" Camping Log  COUPLE  PG 1.0a
 Drink cooler : Aphrodite "Family Fun" Camping Camping Cooler (Animated)
 mat : Aphrodite "Family Fun" Camping  Deco Rug
 Camping kitchen :  Aphrodite "Family Fun" Camping Cooking Station  1.0
 Camping fire : Aphrodite "Family Fun" Camping fire pit ring
 wood log  Aph…

Casual by [VM] VERO MODERO


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good so far!!

VeroModero released New outfit CYBER Collection for female and male. 
and already you can fine at main store. 
i want to blog for this outfit very much. but before that, I am going to introduce you more casual outfit by VeroModero

picture1 & picture2 
 Top : [VM] VERO MODERO / Belle Vest with Color HUD
 Bottom : [VM] VERO MODERO / Jeann Rose Pant with Color HUD
 hair : NSP Summer Chic Hair - Naturals pkg hud  @ Designer Showcase

Location : LICK sim design

Sexy wide pene front Vest and Pant with Limitless color change HUD. 
So you can enjoy the color combination Vest and pants with your mood. 
At leaset i enjoyed.. :) 

Enjoy your Secondlife! 
Thanks for coming to my blog this moments.



Dear reader. Rainy day again and i have to go to work also... i hope i could back with safe!

I have waited! ! *FLOWERDREAMS released New gown "Pamina". Nile has not released new gown for a while.
when i heard that she will release new gown. I could not stop smiling that time :)
She called "First piece of autumn collection".

available 6 color. Special offer "Red" "Gold"  50%OFF until weekend.
It coming cloth applier Belleza / Maitreya / Slink and System layer.
(She said until weekend but i think next week also you can get with special offer price unless she doesnt forget it... lol )

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:. Pamina - red @ Special offer 50%OFF
 (Including sexy blindfold)
Hair : NSP Summer Chic Hair - Naturals pkg hud @ Designer Showcase August (Until 31th August)
pose : Glamrus . Trinity 02

 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:. Pamina - gold @ Special offer 50%OFF

 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:. Pamina - cyan

Body : Slink

Hope you like "F…

Still Summer is here


Dear reader.  How is your tuesday so far? Today i was nice work-off <3

Prism Design released so cute and sexy bikini and with hat set for July Swank event.
already July Swank event finished... but you can find Prism Design main store.
available 6 color / Fatpack, including lovely Summer hat.

 Bikini : Prism Moana Fringe Bikini with Orchid Sun Hat in YELLOW Created by JEZZIXA Cazalet.
 Hair : .ploom. Knitty - Indecisive (Closed)
 Prism Moana Fringe Bikini with Orchid Sun Hat in PINK Created by JEZZIXA Cazalet.

location : It all starts with a smile

The Summer is not gone yet!
Hope you like this bikini and hat set outfit by Prism Design.

Thanks for coming to my blog.

One sweet day


Dear reader.
Here... around Tokyo... a lot of rain and strong wind ... Typhoon came.
I saw first time that a lot of water in the road... looks like it was river.
It makes me hard drive when back to home... anyway i could back and blogging in Secondlife.. lol

Have you visit to The Fantasy Gacha? Running right now. but i can not find the information until when.
So if you have interesting in The Fantasy Gacha, hurry hurry!!

Couple Lounger : Sway's [Nari] Couple Lounger . rainbow RARE (c) @ The Fantasy Gacha
Couple Lounger : Sway's [Nari] Couple Lounger . ivory RARE (c) @ The Fantasy Gacha
 -->12 collect  - 3 rare
Arch : [CIRCA] - "French Garden" Pergola Archway - Lavender Flowers
Bread basket : [CIRCA] - "French Garden" Bread & Fruit Basket
wine : [CIRCA] - "French Garden" Wine & Cheese Platter
Garen path : ::FG:: railroad tie (group gift / 2012)  previous gift
Country Days Retired Farm Truck @ Pure Country Design
Pine Scene with M…

Tonny and Jenna


Dear reader.  The Olympic will close soon.... i cried a lot! and laughed a lot!
Thank you for all of the world wonderful athlete!!Then next, The Olympic will come to TOKYO!!! Woo!

And my 601times blog post also for Designer showcase and VeroModero.
Wonderful creator and designer Oddity3D's "A&D Clothing" released new For Male outfit "A&D Shirt -Tonny" for Designer Showcase August.
This time i am very happy i could involved with him and i could blog for him and for everyone :)
and same time, i would love to introduce you VeroModero Jenna Top and Cardigan Cotton.

picture1 & picture2
 (Male) outfit : A&D Shirt -Tonny-  FatPack
             pants : {COLD-ASH} Mens NEVADA Jeans (Mesh) - Straight Fit - ORIGINAL
             Hair :  *ARGRACE* GAKU
 (woman) Top ; [VM] VERO MODERO / Jenna Top and Cardigan Cotton with Color HUD
                Skirt : A&D Skirt -Selene- Coffee (New)
                 Hair : Eaters Coma - HAIR 29 / FAT PACK




Dear reader.  Did you see Olympic? i have cried alot!!

My 600times blog post is for Designer Showcase! Woooow!
Thank you for all coming to my blog even my english strange... I enjoyed to blog and i will enjoy blog for the future too!
[Loovus] released  "Vlerke" Dress for DS August round. Running to the 31th August.
available 5 color / Fitmesh 5 size, standard mesh 5 size including.
In this round, 2 hair shop is participating. I would love to show you one of shop.
Check it out <3

 Dress : [Loovus] Vlerke (Variety HUD) - Serenity @ Designer Showcase August
 Hair : lock&tuft - insta  @ Designer Showcase August
 pose : Di's opera

 Dress : [Loovus] Vlerke - Peach @ Designer Showcase August
 hair : lock&tuft - insta (Pastel HUD)  @ Designer Showcase August
 pose : Di's opera

Body & Head : The mesh project
Location : Elysion 

have happy shopping!!
Hope your happy sunday <3

brilliant wedding


Dear reader. Hope your sweet weekend <3

If you thinking about wedding for you or for your friend, you Must check Aphrodite shop.
I would love to introduce you some of Aphrodite shop released for wedding item.
But in main store or Marketplace, there is a lot of more item.

Aphrodite shop main store
Aphrodite shop Market place

Wedding celemony set : Blooming Spring - Complete ceremony Set @ Marketplace or In-world
(Including a lot of chair for guest / Roses Carpet / and a lot of more beautiful and brilliant wonderful item)
white table : Aphrodite Spring Wedding tables @ Marketplace  or In-world (with lovely animation for couple)
purple table and balloon : Aphrodite Paris thematic shabby chic party @ Marketplace  or In-world
(including with many cooking :D)
Invitation : Aphrodite "Magic Land" Wedding invite- @ Marketplace or In-world

Pot flower : Flower pot TYP…



Dear reader.  Hope your good day.

When i had not have communication with English, i talked only with japanese.
but now, having communication with many people with english even not good
My world changed so much a lot ...  and now I am not afraid to have communication. :D
(Unless, they don't like talking with me with my poor )

This time, i am casual sexy style.
VeroModero released casual denim short pants. Standard mesh 5 size. pants design change by HUD for 8 design.
and Simply Me! released "Bra-Tops "Lovely""
This is applier outfit, Compatible for The mesh project / Slink / Belleza / Omega system, and System layer for standard avater.
so again.. if you don't have mesh body, don't worry. you can wear Simply Me! sexy outfit everything!

picture1 & picture2
 Bra top : Bra-Tops "Lovely" by Simply Me!
 Short pants : [VM] VERO MODERO / Jenna Short Sets
 Hair : Eaters Coma - HAIR 29 / FAT PACK
 Body & Head : The…

after midnight


Dear reader. I hope you enjoy the summer!

What comes to mind when i say Summer?
Blue ocean and sexy woman (lol) and strong sunshine and icecream and outdoor.... etc
I love the summer night i love to feel atmosphere specially if i am with love one,it would be sooo romantic.

Bee Design released "Campfire gacha" for Liaison Collaborative. Running to the 30th every month.
per play 55L / 2 rare.
and Bee Design released for Chapter -4 " Sweet Berry Cabin Gacha". Running to the 20th.
Still you have time!! if you didn't visit yet, Enjoy the shopping <3
3 rare / per play 60L

Credit (Campfire gacha) @ Liaison Collaborative
.:Bee Designs:. Campfire Set Gacha Tent RARE
.:Bee Designs:. Campfire Set Gacha Rug
.:Bee Designs:. Campfire Set Gacha Suitcases
.:Bee Designs:. Campfire Set Gacha Log For singles
.:Bee Designs:. Campfire Set Gacha
.:Bee Designs:. Campfire Set Gacha Log Table
.:Bee Designs:. Campfire Set Gacha Log Stool 3
.:Bee Designs:. Campfire Set Gacha L…

The Beach


Dear reader. Good morning / afternoon / evening!

Due to Typhoon, last night was a lot of rain around Tokyo... but right now. very bright sunshine.
and today will be super hot day.
Already, August middle has passed and will come September.
before come September, i want to introduce you summer outfit.

VeroModero released "[VM] VERO MODERO / Beach Short Sets".
as like outfit name, it would be good job on the beach sand. and bring you good memory of summer.

available 8 pattern.

 Outfit : [VM] VERO MODERO / Beach Short Set Denim Boho Pocket
 Hair : Clawtooth: Glamazon/Rigged Mesh (The Complete Collection) (Free gift)
 Heal : ::ROC:: Ankle Strap Heels! Vivina
 pose : Di's opera

 outfit : [VM] VERO MODERO / Beach Short Set Blue
 Chocker : +M's Avon+Rope choker-GREEN- (1L gift) @  @LoveFest 2016 

location : The Beach  (I like this location but be careful there is a lot of wired people... )

Hope you visit to VeroModero.
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Dainty bits


Dear reader.

My summer vacation was end and started again my normal day. and my work will start again tomorrow.
even in ordinary day, I want to find something happy or fun things in SL and in RL.

Prism Design and ::ROC::  and +M's Avon+ @ Lovecraft Festival 2016 time!

picture1 - picture3
 Dress : Prism Danity by Journey with Fabric Hud - Summer Palette
 (fabric design change by HUD for 4 design / Slink  Physique fitmesh and starndard mesh 5 size)
 Accessory : +M's Avon+Rope choker ALL @  Lovecraft Festival 2016 (6 color including)
 Heal : ::ROC:: Ankle Strap Heels! Vivina (in-world / Marketplacee)
  (Compatible The mesh project / Slink / Maitreya feet, Color change by HUD for 20 over colors!!)
 Hair : *TKW* Yuko @ previous SL13B gift

body : Slink  Physique

location : THE WILD

 +M's Avon+Rope choker GREEN is 1L gift and already you can pick up.

am gonna walk around on Lovecraft Festival 2016.
I hope you also visit here and enjoy take a walk and enjoy the shopping <…



Dear reader. I was on summer vacation and i am back!

The Crossroads events.... new event and August round is first round.
It is running from 3th each month. and the theme is multiple.
Bee Design released new gacha item ".:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha" for The Crossroads events.
Decorated together items are ".:M.LAW:. Harmony gacha" item.
Dream ... Harmony.... most i love word in Secondlife.
and beautiful color of watermelon pillow in this picture was released by Sway's.

Drapes : Elegant Drapes Soft White and Blush by Pure country Design

Bed : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha   Bed RARE @ The Crossroads events
Sofa with bed : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha Bed Bench @ The Crossroads events
Ottoman : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha Ottoman @ The Crossroads events
Rug : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha Rug  @ The Crossroads events
stand : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha Nightstand @ The Crossroads events
poach : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha Vintage cans and pear…

Summer Vacation


Dear reader.  hope your wonderful weekend <3

Most of japanese are in summer vacation from tonight. to 15th Monday.
I want to visit to Hawaii in Summer vacation (even not summer vacation.. i want to always)

I would love to introduce you that would be so beautiful summer vacation item.
"Tropical Dining set" was released for BUY NOW event of July. but you can find then at main store or Marketplace.
This is MUST item on Summer !!

Cottage : The Cozy Cove Cabin by Country Cozy @ Pure Country Design
In - world shop / Marketplace in PG - in Adult )
Edge of boat : Sway's [Norah] Boat Seat . Pine @ TLC -- The Liaison Collaborative (7th to 30th)
Edge of boat : Sway's [Norah] Boat Seat . Ebony @ TLC -- The Liaison Collaborative (7th to 30th)

More detail information about TROPICAL DINNING SET by Chez Moi Furniture is here.

I hope your sweet summer vacation <3
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Summer in Luxe Paris


Dear reader. How is your weekday? Today is a holiday in japan. "Mountain day"...
i don't know why mountain... why not forest, why not lake, why not pond....

I would love to introduce you Luxe Paris some of latest released outfit.
Sexy bikini and casual pants outfit set and dolly dress :)

Bikini : Luxe Paris Mina Bikini (Including Fitmesh for Belleza / Slink / Maitreya, and Standard mesh 5 size)
Hair : Uw.St Groupgift_2012 (Free join)

outfit : Luxe Paris URBAN RIPPED Red Top & Jeans
Hair : Uw.St Groupgift_2012 (Free join)

outfit : Luxe Paris NUIT BLANCHE Dress
Hair : TRUTH HAIR Denee -  blondes

I checked only some item Luxe Paris 's summer outfit.
You can find Luxe Paris cloth on Swank event also.

I hope you visit to Luxe Paris main store and Swank too.
and Happy shopping <3

Thanks for coming to my blog.

So damn


Dear reader.

Today (9th August) where i live was 100f over of ouside temperature!  it is about 40C.
i have knew today would be very very hot. my room air conditioner was working so so hard lol
Also in night time still hot... this building that i living heat up so much.
we have to care for sick by high temperature.. take a lot of water and need some salts too.
anyway i hope i could keep fine until summer end.

Moondance Boutique released brilliant jewel accessory Necklace and earring set "Moondance Jewels Kaori Fall" for Designer Showcase August.
You can change color and the other option by TOUCH. This is would be so nice with formal gown.
Dress was released by VeroModero "Damn Dress with color HUD".
Including only for Slink mesh body Fitmesh. and as always, you can change the color with Limitless HUD!

picture1 & picture2 & picture3
 Dress : [VM] VERO MODERO / Damn Dress with color HUD
 Accessory : Moondance Jewels Kaori Fall @ Designer Showcase August

my sanctuary


Dear reader. Hope your weekday fine <3

Have you visit for TRES CHIC?  This round is running until 10th August.
You have time to visit TRES CHIC event. visit and happy shopping <3
.:M.LAW:. released ".:M.LAW:. Boho Deck". this is exclusive and you can purchase only TRES CHIC this round.
You can check at DEMO area. Check it out <3
Pure Country Designs having 60L sale! a lot of wonderful items are only 60L. I bought some items... i couldnt stop to buy them
You don't miss out Pure Country Designs sale!!!

Deck : .:M.LAW:. Boho Deck @ TRES CHIC exclusive

Landscape ---
Rock : Pine Scene with Mossy Rocks @  Pure Country Designs
tree : Oak Tree Garden @  Pure Country Designs
grass flower : Fu's Snowdrop L
grass flower : Fu's Clover 4tex L-mesh

Here is my secret place... even to my partner... because here is my sanctuary :)

Enjoy the shopping <3
Thanks for coming to my blog at this moment.



Dear reader.

Its VeroModero time!
VeroModero had released many lovely and cute and beautiful outfits. still am trying to catch up to blog for VeroModero.

This is one of VeroModero's unique outfit "Strappy Dress".
It had released 2 type Crocodile" design and "Leather" design.
Color change by Limitless HUD.

oh.. when you wear this dress, be careful ... your nipples would able to see.... :)

outfit : [VM] VERO MODERO / Strappy Dress Leather with Color HUD
Hair : Blues. November - Naturals 3 @ The Dressing room  (End 14th August)

picture2 & picture3
 Dress : [VM] VERO MODERO / Strappy Dress Crocodile with Color HUD
 Hair : Blues. November - Naturals 3 @ The Dressing room  (End 14th August)
 Heal : ::ROC:: Soft Rock Pump-Clover (in -world / Marketplace)
 (Color change by HUD for 25 colors / Compatible feet Slink high / TMP Ouch / Maitreya lala high)

ROC new heal is looks neat and sexy :)

Enjoy the shopping <3
Thanks for coming to my blog.