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Prism Summer


Dear reader.
Here rainy and so muggy. i wish little bit chilly autumn come soon....

Prism Design time! again!

Prism Design designer Journey McLaglen released lovely summer outfit.
(Last post also lovely summer outfit ... you see how much my blog is late but i never forgot this dress...)

I would love to share with you "Zaniyah Tribal Dress"
color change by HUD for 4 color.

picture1 and picture2
 Dress : Prism Zaniyah Tribal Dress by Journey with Ethnic Fabric Hud
  Fitmesh for Slink / Matireya / Belleza / Tonic body. and standard fitmesh.
 Hair : *Besom~ Beso *Essentials*
 Head : Catwa  Dyana
 Body : Slink Physique Mesh Body
 Lipstick : .:FlowerDreams:.Catwa lipstick set 8

location : [Eclectica] 

Including cute cute undie <3  and Undie is fitmesh for each body.
So you don't need worry about undie.... because I forget it often. lol

Happy shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Antonetta with butterfly


Dear reader.

Prism time!
Prism Design designer and Owner Journey McLaglen released Summer dress "Antonetta Summer Chemise"
was so bad i could not blog in Summer time.. sob.
Color change by HUD for 4 pattern. every color and design are beautiful also in early autumn.

picture1 & picture2
 Dress : Prism Antonetta Summer Chemise by Journey with Silk Fabric Hud
 Hair : pr!tty - Avery - [All Color Huds]  (Previous Gift)
 pose : {NANTRA} Butterflies Are Free

location : THE WILD

So cute Pose and props by {NANTRA}. i bought it when 60Linden.
am looking forward next 60Linden is what poses coming <3

Thanks for coming to my blog.
Enjoy shopping <3

Peacock Room @ The Arcade


Dear reader.

Do you like Gacha? so you like The Arcade definitely. In fact, i did too....
I spent 5000L once for The Arcade in past... My partner was to be disgusted for it.. ^^;
after that, i tried dont do gacha.. but sometimes. i do gacha only when with my partner.
because i would not able to stop myself... lol

I would love to share Sway's item for The Arcade September "[Peacock] Room"
my dear Sway created cheerful and adorable color furniture. specially chair is looks like the peacock opened the feather.
and in the center of below picture, i put 2 bird... like couple <3
I hope you like my picture and The Arcade September will close on 30th.

Credit [Peacock] Room @ The Arcade
Bed : Sway's [Peacock] Bed RARE
Sideboard : Sway's [Peacock] Sideboard . teal
Ceiling lamp : Sway's [Peacock] Ceiling Lamp . cobalt
photo frame(left) : Sway's [Peacock] Picture Frame . fuchsia
photo frame(right) : Sway's [Peacock] Picture Frame . natural
Divider : Sw…

Designer Showcase


Dear reader.

Designer Showcase september round is running to the 30th.
if you looking for formal but casual male outfit, visit to Designer Showcase.
Prism Design for MEN released "Leroy outfit".  Black / Beige.

outift : PRISM for MEN Leroy outfit V.2 Beige @ Designer Showcase
(Shirt color change by HUD for 8 color)
pose : BAXE _ SHOES MALE5 @ Designer Showcase

next is for ladies dress.
*KiB Designs* released so sexy tops and undies. and same time, " Serenity Lace Dress" is 25% OFF offering only at Designer Showcase.

Dress : KiB Designs - Serenity Lace Dress 25%Off for DS @ Designer Showcase
Heal : ::ROC:: Mary Jane Heels ( In-world / Marketplace)
Hair : Eaters Coma - HAIR 18

pose : RK Poses. Lean on you 2

Still you have time! Visit and Enjoy shopping <3

thanks for coming to my blog.

Spoonful of Sugar (SOS) Festival


Dear reader.

Spoonful of Sugar Festival an Benefit Event for "Medicines sans frontiers doctors without borders" will close on 25th September.
I hope that the end with very big success. This is my last blog for SOS Festival.


A lot of beautiful designer and awesome creation on Fashion sim.
if possible, i wanted to blog for fashion more.
but at least, i wanted to blog for "Sonatta Morales".  Sonatta Morales is my most favorite vintage formal dress shop.
and i found a beautiful Jewelry shop "Semi-precious".

Dress : Spey by Sonatta Morales *8* @ SOS 100% Donation item
Accessory : Semi-Precious Blossom - Mega Pack (Mega pack color change by HUD) @ SOS 50% Donation item

Hair :  *ARGRACE* KEI - Dark Browns

The Chanel


Dear reader.  Feeling autumn very close in RL. Most comfortable season for me.

Have you visit to Designer Showcase? It is running to the 30th September.
If you missed this round, visit and check awesome designer's fashion.
I would love to introduce you so so gorgeous and a lot of decoration accessory shop Chop Zuey released "The Chanel".

 Necklace : The Chanel Necklace @ Designer Showcase September
 Earring : The Chanel Earrings @ Designer Showcase September
 Ring : The Chanel Rings @ Designer Showcase September
 Bracelet : The Chanel Bracelets   @ Designer Showcase September

Head : CATWA HEAD Dyana
Skin : Insol Ashly
Lipstick : .:FlowerDreams:.Catwa lipstick set 6

This elegant dress comes by Simply Me!. Fitmesh for Slink / Maitreya / Belleza.
and Standard mesh.
Design change by HUD for 6 desgien.

Dress : "Cynthia" Fitmesh Dress by Simply Me!
hair : *ARGRACE* INA - Dark Browns
Heal : ::ROC:: Mary Jane Heels ( i…

Spoonful of Sugar (SOS) Festival


Dear reader.  Hope your weekday is fine so far <3

Spoonful of Sugar (SOS) Festival is running until 25th September.
Hope you visit and Enjoy the festival and shopping.

Spoonful Od Sugar Festival 2016 Home & Garden Sim
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016 - Fashion Sim 1
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016 - Fashion Sim 2
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016  - Breedables Sim
Spoonful of Sugar 2016 Festival Event Sim

This post also Home & Garden post for Spoonful of Sugar (SOS) festival.

This tree house and Lotuses are coming by Folklorica  Folklorica is at Fashion Sim 2 So i was very hard to find where is.
You can check DEMO. but selling item is included Adult and PG animation. There is 2 type Bohemian (above picture) and Coastal design.
both treehouse are so cute <3

picture1 Credit ---
house : Romantic Retreat Treehouse V.1b {Bohemian Elf} FULL PERM @ Fashion Sim 2 (SOS)
 100% Donation item
Lotuses : [f] Blue Cartography Lotuses {Verra Large Field}  @ Fashion Sim 2 (SOS) 100% Donati…

The Garden


Dear reader.

Do you like to make garden?  me? I love it!
Two Moon Garden is exhibiting the garden for Spoonful of Sugar (SOS) Festival.
i wanted to introduce you all garden... that dream would not come true.
some of garden are so high prim amount and too big garden to put on private land.
but i love to make garden with Two Moon Garden.

This garden would be so so beautiful with coming soon season. Autumn leaf on the grand and autumn tree around garden.
Including couple bench.

On this Autumn garden, i put together "TCF - PATIO SET SIMPLY WIRED" by Chez Moi Furniture at Chapter four. until 20th September this round. so still you have time!!

Credit (picture1 & picture2 ) --------
Garden : TMG - OVERGROWN GLORY - AUTUMN* @ SOS Festival 100% Donation item
Patio set (Table / Chair / apple ) : PATIO SIMPLY WIRED SET by Chez Moi Furniture @ Chapter four

"ROCK POOL" garden. Beautiful rock and it makes me fresh cool by water.
You can e…



Dear reader. Hope your FAB weekend <3

*FLOWERDREAMS CREATION released New gown "Nedda".
available 6 color. 2 color white / red are 50% off offering right now. until Sunday midnight.
Coming cloth applier Belleza / Maitreya / Slink, and System layer for not mesh body.
very very tight skirt and bolero makes you gorgeous much more.

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Nedda - red @ 50% off offer
Hair : Eaters Coma - HAIR 37 / FAT PACK
Lipstick : .:FlowerDreams:.Catwa lipstick set 4
Head : CATWA HEAD Dyana
Skin : Insol: Face 'Ashley' -ST03 'Peach'

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Nedda - white @ 50% off offer

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Nedda - black

after Sunday midnight back to full price.
Visit to main store before back to full price. and see Nile's beautiful picture <3

Thanks for coming to my blog.

Prism Design @ Swank


Dear reader...

Because I love male formal outfit, I LOVE Prism Design male formal outfit.
I wrote at here in past post. I love Prism design male outfit too...
So i was thinking for long time, if i could blog for Prism man and woman with my partner, would be so so amazing!!
This time, my dream came true!

Did you visit to Swank September round?
Prism Design released "Richard outfits" 3 color for male outfit created by Lam Erin.
and for woman, "Prism Chesney Embossed Shorts Set with Croc Jacket - Poseidon" Created by Journey McLaglen.
Richard is ..... so sooo sexy for me!! Don't you feel?! of course, Chesney also sexy!! specially around breast.. <3

picture1 and picture2
 For man
   Outfit : PRISM for MEN Richard outfit V.4 @ Swank September
   Hair : *ARGRACE*

 For woman : Prism Chesney Embossed Shorts Set with Croc Jacket - Poseidon  @ Swank September
 Compatible mesh #The mesh project / Belleza / Slink 2 type body / Matireya / Tonic body
  hair : Eaters…

Autumn Festival


Dear reader.
In the middle of September.. In morning time, and night time, here is little bit cool. Comfortable season coming <3

Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes  is participating with CREATORS COLLECTION BOX @ MB
Its running to the 20th September. If you don't visit yet, you still have time!
A lot of awesome creator and wonderful creation... and, this round, a lot of japanese taste creation there.
If you need kimono, you should come to here and check it them <3

Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes released "Sushi monster" car and lantern.
I imaged Autumn festival...

Car : Sushi Monster Food Truck set @ CCB
Table : Heart Homes "Sushi Monster" Table @ CCB
Street light : Heart Homes "Sushi Monster" Japanese lanterns  @ CCB
Juice bar : Aphrodite Summer Juices bar complete set @  BUY NOW September

BUY NOW event is only on Marketplace. Until 30th September.
a lot of tropical juice and a lot of fruits decoration.
This also Must item for festival of rich morni…

Tropical Days @ Prism Design


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is fine so far :)

Prism outfit are one of most favorite shop in Secondlife. Also, for male outfit....
Lam created male outfit are very sexy for me.
He released for Designer Showcase September round exclusive suit. Don't miss it <3
I don't want miss them <3

I would love introduce you Prism Design creator Journey McLaglen released for a while ago "Prism Nala by Journey with Silk Fabric Hud - Tropical Days"
This post is little bit late, but i wanted blog this outfit very much. i feel finally i could blog it.
but little bit late season also...
almost open front and super short skirt it is very sexy.
Fabric design change by HUD for 4 color.
Compatible fitmesh for #The mesh project / Slink 2 type body / Ruth body and 5 size standard mesh.

picture1 & picture2
 Dress :  Prism Nala by Journey with Silk Fabric Hud - Tropical Days
 Hair : Eaters Coma - HAIR 69 / FAT PACK (Fatpack 99L sale / not sure until when)

 Body / head : #The m…

Rock Cottage story @ SOS Festival


Dear reader. Very hard rainy here today.

Its second post for Spoonful of Sugar Festival (SOS). This time also Home & Decor item.
Spoonful of Sugar Festival benefit to Doctor without borders running to the 27th september

Slurl List --
Spoonful of Sugar 2016 Festival Event Sim
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016 - Fashion Sim 1
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016 - Fashion Sim 2
Spoonful Od Sugar Festival 2016 Home & Garden Sim
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016  - Breedables Sim

You can find most of item in this post at Home & Garden sim.
You can fly or Double click teleport in each sim. So you can move very freedom.

I hope you visit and Enjoy shopping <3
I will write all item credit at below of picture.

2 rock cottage comes by Khaleesi's Shinn-Anigans. Both of item 50% donation from your purchase. They are very cute.
I visited to  Khaleesi's Shinn-Anigans main store. Creator Zaps Dyrssen (khaleesishinn) created many houses the other too.
and They are looking country chic.…

Hair Flower


Dear reader.  Hope your good weekday :)

Recently, i like to take selfie. i think after i bought Catwa head. and also beautiful skin.
There is a lot of for Catwa Skin... some skin are gift....  Awesome!
but Right now, Insol skin is my No1!  maybe for a while, i will not change but if i see something nice one, i want to try and want to blog it also.

[MUSE] & NSP Florals creator Norena Soir released wavy hair with so so pretty hair flower accessory for Designer Showcase September round.
Hair and accessory color change by HUD.
Check it out <3

Hair and Hair flower accessory
  NSP Jessica Long Wavy Hair - Naturals Loaded pk Hud @ Designer Showcase
Head : CATWA HEAD Dyana
Skin : Insol: Face 'Ashley'
Lipstick : .:FlowerDreams:.Catwa lipstick set 6
Eyeshadow : .:FlowerDreams:.Catwa eyeshadow set 1
Body : Slink Physique Mesh Body

Hope you visit to Designer Showcase. and be beatufiul!

Thanks for coming to my blog.

Red wood warm story @ SOS Festival


Dear reader.

Did you visit to "Spoonful of Sugar Festival (SOS)"?  official website is here.
This is a charity event to benefit to "Medicins San frontiers doctors without borders".
Running from 9th September to 25th.
Shopping guide is here. You can find what merchant is participating as exhibitor.
All sim can fly and can double-click teleport. so you can move very freedom.

I hope you visit and walking around and if you have interesting in something, part of or all of your shopping will donated to doctor without borders.and i really hope you enjoy this event.

Spoonful of Sugar 2016 Festival Event Sim
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016 - Fashion Sim 1
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016 - Fashion Sim 2
Spoonful Od Sugar Festival 2016 Home & Garden Sim
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016  - Breedables Sim

This beautiful red wood house was by *Elite Equestrian*. This shop is in Breedables sim.
*Elite Equestrian* is ready many kind of horse avater and horse house. second pic…



Dear reader... Hope your FAB weekend <3

When you need help for something, but nobody doesnt give you help.. if your lover really love you, he or she will solve everything.

Okey i will introduce you [VM] VERO MODERO / Delight Dress w color HUD while bou has taking vacation. :)
This is one of  CYBER Collection outfit. and i love this outfit most in CYBER Collection outfit.

picture1 & picture2
 Dress : [VM] VERO MODERO / Delight Dress w color HUD
 Heal :  ::ROC:: Single Strap Heels (Marketplace /  in -world shop )

I should take a picture light color version. but you can check at main store!! Have Happy shopping <3 
Thanks for coming to my blog in this moment.

*FLOWERDREAMS Special offer for weekend


Dear reader. Hope your Saturday will / is / was wonderful <3

Dear *FLOWERDREAMS has special offer for this weekend as always <3
This time is 2 beautiful gown.

 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Felicia - light green @ 99L offer gown until Sunday midnight

 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Lenina - black @ 99L offer gown until Sunday midnight

Hair : .Entwined. Daisy - GroupGift
Pose : Di's opera

I love both gown very much... make me beautiful as always...
but Specially Lenina gown is long tail and beautiful hair accessory.

And! News!
Already finished set up new released gown "Nedda". Some color is 50%OFF offering.
until Nile remenber .. lol
I will blog as much as possible faster..... it is little bit different gown than usual.
Also, don't miss this offer.

Hope you choose for your beautiful weekend night.
Thanks for coming to my blog!!

Spoonful of Sugar Press Release

Press Release for SOS (Spoonful of sugar Charity event for Doctor's Without Borders)
Sim Open 12AM SLT on 9th September.

at first. i want to introduce to Japanese people about this event.
and going to write "my feeling" to join this event with my pleasure.

”国境なき医師団” という言葉はきっと耳にしたことがあるはず。



Spoonful of Sugar 2016 Festival Event Sim
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016 - Fashion Sim 1
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016 - Fashion Sim 2
Spoonful Od Sugar Festival 2016 Home & Garden Sim
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016  - Breedables S…

Designer Showcase September


Dear reader.... Still i can not forget about my Monday happened!!

But when i visit to Designer Showcase, makes me excite for new fashion.
Designer Showcase September round is running right now!  from 5th to 30th.
Some new shops are participating from this round. you don't want miss them.
This round also my (lol ) Prism Design is here!
Prism Design Designer Journey McLaglen released new outfit " Kate Fringed Leather "
The red color... it makes me imagine that i am taking a wine in very sexy mood with sexy guy... sorry Wave.  lol  Very adult fringed dress. Fitmesh for Slink both type body and Matireya. and Standard mesh.
Lindy released "BriannaB " heal for Slink / Maitreya feet. Her shoes are retro and elegant.
but sometimes very simple.
Check it out at Designer Showcase September!

picture1 - picture3
 Outfit : Prism Kate Fringed Leather by Journey - New Orleans Pigments @ Designer Showcase
 Heal : Lindy BriannaB Black-White / Lindy BriannaB Red @ Designer …

Lalala.... @ Prism Design


Dear reader. Hope your good weekday so far <3
because my Monday was very bad.... sob sob..

Always Prism Design outfit is so cute and sometime sexy and gorgeous. I love their everything.
This time post "Lara Denim Skirt and Top" Created by Journey McLaglen.
I hope you visit main store and check this outfit pop... That is sooo cute!
Bal Harbor sim is baeutiful, would be so good for take picture.
When i take picture for Prism outfit, everytime, i came up Bal Harbor sim. already I am depending on Bal Harbor sim. lol
Fitmesh for Slink 2 type body / Maitreya body, Standard mesh 5 size.

but below picture location is different place.

Outfit : Prism Lara Denim Skirt and Top by Journey
pose : Glamrus . Trinity static&animated
Hair : [Entwined] Holly - Group Gift
Body : Slink Physique

location : The Enchanted Isle

Happy shopping and have a nice day :)
Thanks for coming to my blog at this moment.

Moroccan Dreams


Dear reader.  How is your Sunday will / is / was wonderful.
Almost ended Sunday for me right now. was lazy lazy sunday lol

"Moroccan Dreams" ...CHEZ MOI FURNITURE released new item.
this item is not for any event.
you can find it at main store or Marketplace. Check it out <3

Furniture : Moroccan Dreams (Adult) CHEZ MOI (in PG or in Adult)

Landscape credit
Palm Tree : p8 4 + 2 palms set copy version by inVerse™

Cushion and tree and vase and... many stuff are in one set. Nanda created so adorable garden item.
and a lot of animation.... so so sexy love love animation♥
Enjoy with your love one <3

Hope your lovely Secondlife <3
Thanks for coming to my blog.