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Miko Lingerie @ SaNaRae


Dear reader.  February coming from tomorrow for me.
I want to be my new start of something in SL and in RL both.

I love animation very much. at least one story, watching on tv or on internet.
and i am very comfortable the time while am watching :)

ok, back to my blog.
Me Sew Sexy released pretty pastel color lingerie set  "Miko Lingerie Set" at SaNaRae.
January round close on 18th February.
Visit and check Jaylen's new lovely outfit.
available 5 color . Fitmesh only for Maitreya body.

Outfit : *MSS* Miko Lingerie Set Blue @ SaNaRae.

location : LICK sim Design

Enjoy your Secondlife.
Thanks for coming to my blog.



Dear reader. Hope your good Monday so far!

::Modish::  released "Scorpion Choker" for Cosmopolitan new round.
available 7 color including color change HUD of Scorpion.
Same time, i wanted to tried one thing....
It is dark skin color on Catwa Catya head with ::Modish:: Denise.
::Modish:: Denise is coming 4 skin tone, 3 color eye brown , no eye brown.
and this time also makeup applier and Catwa mesh eye applier coming by E U P H O R I C.

Picture1 and Picture2
 Choker : ::Modish:: Scorpion Choker @ Cosmopolitan
 Skin : ::Modish:: Denise [Catwa] FaceAppliers
 Lipstick : ::Modish::  Denise-Darks Lipstick set
::Modish:: Denise-Matte [Catwa] Lipstick Set
Middle in picture2 : ::Modish:: Nina [PowderPack] January
Eye applier : .euphoric ~Neva Glitter Eyes Applier~[Catwa] @ Marketplace
Eye shadow : .euphoric ~Reina Eyeshadow Applier~[Catwa] @ Marketplace

Picture1 Hair : *ARGRACE* YUI - Dark Browns
Picture2 Hair : TRUTH HAIR Isolde -  browns

I have we…

Weekendoffer / some news from *FLOWERDREAMS


Dear reader. Hope your wonderful weekend <3

*FLOWERDREAMS CREATIONS weekend offer time!
Nile is ready a cutie hat and beautiful gown and Tatoo in black and red butterfly casual but sexy shorts.
Gown's glove and tatoo are coming cloth applier for Belleza / Slink / Maitreya, and System layer.

<<News from *FLOWERDREAMS >>
 * There is a brand new self service Re-delivery board. It is only for items purchased in the Main Store AFTER Jan 16, 2017.  This does not include purchases made on the Marketplace.
 *  You are able to gift items from the vendors now.  You Left Click on Vendor, choose [ Buy Gift]  from Menu.  Enter recipient's first & last SL username (not display name).  Vendor will inform that the recipient's name was found and then ask you to buy from the vendor.
 *  Customer Reward Program. Depending on how much you spend ONLY for purchases in the Main Store you will receive a set % back in store credit!
 *  Gift Cards are available for Purchase.…

Loving you Gacha @ Shiny Shabby


Dear reader. Hope your wonderful Friday <3

Bee Design released new Gacha for Shiny Shabby. Close February 15th.
Gacha name is "Loving you Gacha".... meaning is.... Valentine!
I love Valentine Season... beautiful red color and everyone's "Love".
For sure if you have love one, you will have lovely time, and if you do not have it, enjoy the Secondlife as usual <3 but do not eat too much chocolate! :)

Bee Design " Loving You Gacha" @  Shiny Shabby *close up the gacha item in 2nd picture
 Cottage : .:Bee Designs:. Loving You Gacha Chalet
 Bench : .:Bee Designs:. Loving You Gacha Bench
 Hanging bed : .:Bee Designs:. Loving You Gacha Hanging Bed RARE
 wall cloth : .:Bee Designs:. Loving You Gacha
 wall decor : .:Bee Designs:. Loving You Gacha Wall hearts
 seat : .:Bee Designs:. Loving You Gacha Seat
 seat : .:Bee Designs:. Loving You Gacha Seat 2
 Candle :  .:Bee Designs:. Loving You Gacha Candles
 Pot ; .:Bee Designs:. Loving You Gacha Hearts d…



Dear reader. Hope nice Thursday for you <3

Catwa will release new female bento mesh head "Kimberly Bento Head" soon. 
Catwa FB page :
I will enjoy with Catya for a while. I will be want to buy next type too.. because its looks elegant than Catya. but i love Catya so far. I hope that do not have to keep spend 5K every time for Catwa bento head comes out.

I want to share with you "::Modish:: Bianca" for Catwa head face and Lipstick applier.
You will see at main store Bianca vender.. so you will think big different with my face....
I hope you like my face too! :)
It is coming 6 skin color and Lipstick is separate.

Skin : ::Modish:: Bianca-F01- [Catwa] Face Applier
Head : CATWA HEAD Catya
Lipstick : ::Modish:: Bianca-Fairs{Catwa} Lipstick set
Hair : TRUTH HAIR Gaea @ January group gift
Eyliner : .euphoric ~Azra Glitter  Eyeliner  Applier (Catwa) @ Marketplace
Accessory (Necklace / Earring ) : Moondance Jewels Diana…

Cape Gown by Prism Design


Dear reader. Hope your wonderful Wednesday <3

Prism Design Designer Journey McLaglen release beautiful Cape gown.
It would make you gorgeous lady... and would be soo good with sweet couple dance at ballroom with your love one... I hope you enjoy it with this gown. :)
Color change by hud for 4 color.
Mekeup applier for Catwa head by E U P H O R I C ".euphoric ~ Gigi Set ~[Catwa]"
This applier is all in one applier Eye / lipstick / lashes. For sure it Must item for your fashion life.

Picture1 and Picture2
 Gown : Prism Anu Gown by Journey with Fabric Hud - Wooded Wilds
 Hair : Moon. Hair // - Brunettes - Common Burn
 Head : CATWA HEAD Catya
 Skin : !Imabee: Stigma - Danae - CATWA Bento Head Applier
 Makeup (Lipstick / Eyeliner) : .euphoric ~ Gigi Set ~[Catwa] @ Marketplace

Enjoy your Secondlife! and Have a nice weekday!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Pastel life


Dear reader. Hope you doing good!

I love pastel color in Secondlife :)

Credit ---
Stove : Woodburning Stove Luxurious (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ TRES CHIC EVENT (Until Feb 10th)
Bed : N4RS Valerie Bed - PG  (Previous Deco(c)rate! item)
Side table : N4RS Valerie Side Table (Previous Deco(c)rate! item)
planter flower : Ariskea {Winter Nostalgia} Mirtille Plant (Previous Deco(c)rate! item)

[CIRCA] Living @ Oh My Gacha! aka OMG! event "It's In The Stars"Gacha ( Jan 12 - 26)
Chest : [CIRCA] - "It's In The Stars" Drawer Chest & Items  - Char RARE
Chair : [CIRCA] - "It's In The Stars" Loungy Chair D - Stars (9Bpos)
Chair : [CIRCA] - "It's In The Stars" Loungy Chair C - Stars (9Apos)
table : [CIRCA] - "It's In The Stars" Low Table - Colours 2/ Gold
Hanging seat : [CIRCA] - "It's In The Stars" Cocoon Seat - Colours2/S (16 pos)
Cube Cushion : [CIRCA] - "It's In The Stars" Squishy Cube C - Grey (…

{AnaMarkova} @ Designer Showcase


Dear reader.  Hope your FAB Sunday <3

Designer Showcase time!
This round is 6th year anniversary round for Designer Showcase...  I saw a lot of event ever... but sadly a lot of event disappear already.   but Designer Showcase is here for 6 years. It means since 2011. Amazing! and that is why i decided to blog for Designer Showcase 1 years ago.
Visit and join Designer Showcase Vip group, and grab a lot of wonderful gift. and Enjoy shopping :)

I would love to introduce you one of Designer Showcase regular shop {AnaMarkova}.
Ana's outfit are everything attractive for me. So i hope you like {AnaMarkova}'s outfit " Kalene Set ".
Available 8 color / only for mesh body Maitreya / Slink / Belleza, not including Alpha layer)

 outfit : {AnaMarkova} Kalene Set Ecru @ Designer Showcase 6 years anniversary round
 pose : Grandeur Series 2 - 3 by Di's opera @ Cosmopolitan

 outfit : {AnaMarkova} Kalene Set Plaid  @ Designer Showcase 6 years anniversary …

Catwa Bento Catya


Dear reader.  Hope your lovely Saturday.

This time, I tried to Catwa bent head "Catya".
and i was looking for a new skin on Catya. then i found a skin.
That skin was created by Brendon Papp's !Imabee. you can find only on Marketplace.
when i see the skins vender picture, almost I did not think about to buy or not, i bought very quick.
This skin is "Danae".  !Imabee's new release skin for Catwa mesh head applier.
One of awesome thing that including for body skin too! for Maitreya, Slink, and Lolas and Phat Azz.
check it Marketplace and try the DEMO.
And Catwa mesh eye applier and makeup applier was by E U P H O R I C.
demi's makeup and eyes makes very beautiful an adult woman.

Head : CATWA HEAD Bento Catya
Skin : !Imabee: Stigma - Danae - CATWA Bento Head Applier @ Marketplace
Eyes : CATWA mesh eye
Catwa mesh eye applier : .euphoric ~Neva Glitter Eyes Applier~[Catwa] @ Cosmopolitan
Lipstick : .euphoric ~ Jojo Lipstick Applier ~[Catwa] @ Marketplace

Very Very private kitchen and dining


Dear reader.  I am watching United State President "Inaugural Parade in Washington" on Facebook live.  I think America is already great country as somebody said.  so i hope America will be much more great under him. 
I am hidden my very secret item..... you will know when you see the credit... :) Aphrodite shop / Heart Home released so so pretty kitchen "French Country Kitchen".  I love kitchen in Secondlife. I like to use as just decor too but if this kitchen has lovely animation, i would love more <3  There is a lot of cool kitchen scene. Including a NC of "How to use" read this and Enjoy!  You can try the DEMO in Main storeFamily / PG in MarketplaceAdult in Marketplace and i decorated [CIRCA] Living released rug, and flower decorated table, and Velvet Chaise.  You can find it at [CIRCA] Living main store

Kitchen set : <Heart Homes> French Country Kitchen -FAMILY- @ Family / PG in Marketplace / Adult in Marketplace *Rezzing by rezzar.  Chaise…

Shawl Sweater by Prism Design @ Swank


Dear reader..  I hope tomorrow wont snowing heavy..

Have you visit to SWANK January round?
Prism Design released perfect pants set "Prism Oriana Shawl Sweater & Hair".
Designed by JEZZIXA Cazalet,
available 6 color.  Shawl is nice matching with sweater on the head,
Fitmesh  normal fitmesh / Maitreya / Slink 2 type body / Belleza.
and 4 color Bracelet is 50%off only on SWANK January round.

I hope you like them :)

 Outfit / Hair : Prism Oriana Shawl Sweater & Hair by Jezzixa in Purple @ SWANK January round

 Outfit / Hair : Prism Oriana Shawl Sweater & Hair by Jezzixa in Teal Blue@ SWANK January round
 Heal : Glamistry - HIBISCUS Heels

Head : LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 2.2
Skin : Belviso - Bella Lelutka head applier  - Cream

location : ~Nouvelles Aventures~ 

Take care and thanks for coming to my blog.

2017 photo booth by Chez Moi Furniture


Dear reader. Hope your middle weekday is good so far!

Chez Moi Furniture released lovely photo booth for new year of 2017.
This post is little bit late to blog. but i wanted to introduce you this booth for you.
It would be good picture for you and your friend and your love one :)
Picture booth Market place

12 singles static poses (4 each spot) 12 friends static poses (6 x 2) 16 couple static poses (8 x 2) 
I did not show in below picture about gorgeous new year cart.
This also only on PG. but including lovely animation.
Happy New Year Set Marketplace
Animations are....

Room for 1-4 people 3 single animations each spot24 couple poses (12 x 2) + 1 static pose for pictures.and featured clothes by Veromodero Group Gift. Guy and woman both. 

Photo booth : 2017 Photo Booth CHEZ MOI
Cart : New Year's Eve Cart CHEZ MOI
Decor : Wall Lights in Happy New year Decor 

Plant flower : Ariskea {Winter Nostalgia} Mirtille Plant (Previouse Deco(c)rate item)
Grass : green grass 001 green (Closed)

Summer feeling


Dear reader. I am very glad to see you here again.

I saw the news about this winter is too much cold than normal winter.
When January 1st and 2nd was too hot but for a while, too cold, it happened something strange things on this earth..

Even like that cold winter, in Secondlife, we can feel summer and we can make summer feeling.
Sway's lovely sand snowman, and lovely penguins pot flower.... there is sled even beach.
I hope you would love Sway's released decor. Visit to Sway's and check it out <3

Snowman : Sway's [Sandy] Sand(snow)man
Planter : Sway's [Penguin] Planter . Grass
Planter : Sway's [Penguin] Planter . Cactus
Planter : Sway's [Penguin] Planter . Flower
Sled : Sway's [Lumi] Sled . vivids
Sled : Sway's [Lumi] Sled . mutes
picture frame ; Sway's [Treeangle] Picture holder

beach set : Simply Shelby Another day in Paradise Beach Combo
 (Including beach chair / palm tree / sand castle / table set / camp fire / mini beach)
Orchid pl…

Sparkle... by Prism


Dear reader. Hope your wonderful Saturday <3

Prism Design Time!

This is my first post for Prism design after new year. and First introduce dress "Sparkles Dress".
Color change by HUD for 4 color / Standard mesh 5 size, and fitmesh for Maitreya and Slink 2 type body.
I like blue on this Sparkles dress :)  Try the DEMO at Main store.

Dress : Prism Sparkles by Journey - Silver Sparkles
Hair : TRUTH HAIR Loni -  light browns
Heal : Lindy Krystal Tan @ Designer Showcase anniversary round

body : Maitreya Lala
Head : LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 2.1 (updated)
Skin : Belviso - Bella Lelutka head applier

location : Countryside

Enjoy your Secondlife!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Snowpaws @ Designer Showcase


Dear reader.  Hope your fine weekday so far!

Designer Showcase time! again!
I can see the message on Email that received when i was offline.
So please give me message even if i was offline too if you want me to do something.

I would love to share with you Snowpaws Gentille Dianthus dress.
available 3 color / fitmesh for Slink and Maitreya. Snowpaws also ready for you a wonderful gift.
don't miss it <3

picture1 and picture2
 Dress : Gentille Poppy Dress  @ Designer Showcase 6 years anniversary round
 Hair : *Besom~Twenty two *Browns*
 pose : Di's opera

location : LICK Sim Design

Enjoy your Secondlife!
thanks for coming to my blog.

Designer Showcase Anniversary round


Dear reader!! Been a while since my last post. and this is my first post of this year! Yay!
I was taking new year vacation. and it would be only 5 days.
but when i was taking vacation, i got flu....  but right now, i am very fine. my fever back to normal.

So! my first blog post of 2017!
Designer Showcase time!

At first, this round is 6 years anniversary round.
Every merchant is ready wonderful gift for you. Visit to Designer Showcase and join the group!
Hope you enjoy anniversary round.

I would love to introduce you lovely doll dress by zanze.

 Dress : [ZE] Macy Dress {BLACK}  @ Designer Showcase anniversary round
 *Including fitmesh for Maitreya/ Slink, and Standard size.
 Heal : Lindy Krystal black @ Designer Showcase anniversary round
 Hair ; .Olive. the Beth Hair - Greyscale
 pose : [KoKoLoReS]{mischievous}uh huh
 Dress : [ZE] Macy Dress {PINK} @ Designer Showcase anniversary round
 pose : [KoKoLoReS]{mischievous}who me?

location : A Painter's Link