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Virtual Diva CHARM Hair and etc...


Nice to see you again :)

Virtual Diva released new mesh hair "CHARM"
and I want to introduce you the other items also.

Hair -- Virtual Diva CHARM Hair Mesh Mix (NEW)
Tops -- Virtual DivaCassie Mesh Top   (previous release)
Bangle ---  *:..Silvery K.:* Gem Stone Bangle&Anklet(Black star)4 (Gacha)
pose -- andika pose [01LB(sweetbay sleepbaby)] 
back chair -- HPMD* Glow Wire (Lucky board prize)
 ("Lamp bottle" board touch and teleport)

I hope you would like those items. 

Thank you for coming here today :)

Sway's [Tyler] Bedroom set.neon @ Uber


Nice to see you again :)

I want to introduce you about "Sway's [Tyler] Bedroom set . neon @ Uber"
Everything very lovely items :)

Uber -- Taxi

(more detail informaion) ---------------------------------------

 14 single and 10 couple animations.
 (only Adult version bed + 10 adult animations)
 You can change with  4texture by touch.

14 single animations.
8 texture options.(You can change the color by touch.)
(blue / aqua / orange / mint / green / yellow / purple / pink)

*Streamer curtain*
solid and sheer
4 texture options (You can change texture by touch)
(aqua/blue... yellow/
 4 Li

2 variation potted plants,
each pot with 4 texture options (1 Li each)

*Flamingo neon sign*
You can change the light on / off by touch.

*table lamp*
4 textures / You can change by touch the light on off / 1 LI each
(Flamingo neon)
You can change by touch the light on / off

*Shelf and books* Shelf is simple wooden shelf (1 Li) Books is big stack and…

FLF @ Sway's


Nice to see you again!! 

Introducing about FLF of Sway's

This time FLF items has 2variation.

Sway's [Greta] potted topiary . flower (small / tall)
 -- You can change color to touch. white / pink / blue / yellow
 above photo has pink and blue.

 Sway's [Greta] potted topiary . light(small / tall)
 -- you can light on / off to touch.
 above photo  both lighting.

This item is able to modify. 
so when you do resize, please don't forget that mesh can increase Land impact.

Sway's [Greta] is available for 50L$ only on Friday April 24th.
later this event will be regular price.

(other items)
bubble chair : HPMD* bubble chair (Lucky board)
 (when arrived there, "Lamp bottle" board touch and teleport)
female dress : Virtual Diva  Amore Red Mesh Dress 
shoes : JD - Polly TMP Vintage Red

Those topiarys are very cutie :)
I hope you would love this topiary. 
because I love it!

Thank you for coming here today :)  and Have fun FLF event ^^

Azul GroupGift / Wayward Hunt


Nice to see you again :) 

I know almost girls in SL already knew about Azul GroupGift of April.
and about Wayward hunt also...
....... Let me blog about of them  :D

Hair  -- [Due] Pia (Wayward Hunt) 
dress : -AZUL- GroupGift2015Apr Zebra
bracelet : Izzie's - Leather & Beads Watch Bracelet (Wayward Hunt) 
pose : .mien. poses & props (Wayward Hunt)

[Due] main store
-AZUL- main store
zzie's  main store 
.mien. main store

Hair  : .Olive. the Wicking Hair - Blonde Lavender (Wayward Hunt) 
dress : -AZUL- GroupGift2015Apr Giraffe
bracelet : *VoguE* Gift of the Month (previous Gift)
pose : .mien. poses & props (Wayward Hunt)

 .Olive. main store
-AZUL- main store *VoguE*  main store .mien. main store

Hair : !Oleander ~ Oz. Dipped Tones (Wayward Hunt) 
 (right and left)

right : -AZUL- SLF&O GG 2015Apr Giraffe / left : -AZUL- SLF&O GG 2015Apr Zebra

shoes : JD - Polly TMP Vintage Red
bracelet : Izzie's - Leather & Beads Watch Bracelet (Wayward Hunt) 
pose : own work


Cat's Eyes Angels (Only on MP)


Nice to see you again :) 

My precious friend released her maiden mesh work. 
Items are very simple T-shirt.

She had created many items long time ago. and for a while, her creation activity had stopped.
but she started her creation again.(I hope. so far not sure lol)
Those items are selling only on MarketPlace (sort with "newest")

Summer will come soon,and would crisp day today...
Those T-shirts make me feel so.

(tops list)
right : *CEA* Lace up T-Shirt "College"  --- MP
middle : *CEA* Lace up T-Shirt "Flower" --- MP
left : *CEA* Lace up T-Shirt "LOVE&PEACE" -- MP
Fat pack -- MP

before you purchase, try to Demo -- MP

(Other items)
bracelet : EarthStones Marquessa Diamond Bracelet (GroupGift)
Hair : *ARGRACE* Tender ~ (Dark brown)

You can chose for your lifestyle!!

Thank you for coming here today :)

[VM]VEROMODERO Cin Jean Set / GroupGift


Nice to see you again :)

Introducing about Vero Modero released "Cin jean set" and new groupgift.
[VM]VEROMODERO released Jean set.
and New GroupGift also ready in main store.   :D

This set has Blue / Green / Black / Brown. 4 color. I chose Brown color and Green color. above photo is Brown color set. 
Outfit : [VM] VERO MODERO / Cin Jean Set Brown (New) Hair : .+*HS*+. Hair ::MIMY:: Nuts (closed)
(Outfit set has...) Modern  jean pants jackets leather belt bags.
(every color same items in Outfit set)
below photo is Green color set. Outfit : [VM] VERO MODERO / Cin Jean Set Green (New) Hair : .+*HS*+. Hair ::MIMY:: Nuts (closed)

Completed with leather belt of this set is looks very casual.
You can wear separate. many variation outfit will complete by your taste.
Its also very fun! :)
Jacket length is over belly... 
if you combine with high heel or short skirt, your looks is casual and would be sexy :) 

[VM] VERO MODERO / Camo Dress (New GroupGift)

I hope you will choice one of your favorite pan…

Virtual Diva / [VM] VERO MODERO (NEW)


Nice to see you again :)

Introducing about Vero Modero and Vitrual diva New released items.
[VM] VERO MODERO  released "Deep dress". 
and Virtual Diva released new hair "Retro Hair"

Hair -- Virtual Diva  Retro hair BLONDES box (New)
dress :  [VM] VERO MODERO Deep Dress Gold Dots (New)
Neclace : ((Crystal line))Silver circle Necklace*Silver*Gift (previous gift)
Pose : Oberon's Trick (5L)

Hair -- Virtual Diva  Retro hair BLONDES box (New)
dress :  [VM] VERO MODERO Deep Dress  Silver Plait (New)
Pose : Oberon's Trick (5L)

Vero modero released "Deep dress" has 3type, 2 variation,2color.dress shape deep V neck and back sides. 
you would be want to show to your special man and would be want to go special place.
because from front and from behind, absolutely you feel looks sexy.
black type is adulty. gold type and cooper type are looks dynamic.

The hair of Virtul Diva Retro hair is very pretty.
I only able to show you blond type. The other color also…

[VM] VERO MODERO / Stripe Skirt Set


Nice to see you again :)

Introducing about [VM] VERO MODERO released "Stripe Skirt Set"

dress : [VM] VERO MODERO / Stripe Skirt Set Green
shoes : [CX] Sexy Massacre Rusty (@on9)
              ([CerberusXing] main store --- Taxi )
Hair : [enVOGUE] - HAIR Nicole - Light Browns

This set has 4 colors.  Black / Green / purple / Red.
Specially Red is looks sexy. but i chosen Green.
Emphasis of this set is combination of line coat and stripe tops.
It is make me feel gorgeous.

I hope you would chose one of outfit in your wardrobe :)

Thank you for coming here today :)

Sway's [Filis] for TLC


Nice to see you again :)

First. i am very happy that this time I can blogging about "Sway's [Filis] "
because i love Sway's funiture and other items since 2009 (i was in secondlife since 2009)

Introducing about Sway's has released new chair set for TLC (The Liaison Collaborative started in April 15th)

TLC event -- Taxi

above photo is this full set.
i will do some descriptions with below photo. 

Sway's [Filis] 

*2types (top and bottum of above photo)
 12 single animation and 7 couple animation and 6 texture change by touch 
 pillow position on chair is different. 

<Lamp>(middle of above photo)
*paper ball lamps
*Variation are 3 trio / 3 single big size lamp / 3 single small size lamp
*lamps color will matching for the chairs. You can change light on / off by touch

<the other>(middle of above photo)
*Tulip has 4 veriaion (yellow, pink, red, purple and  colorful
*Magazin and table

Sway's [Filis] is available huge complete set with all colors in th…

{ AnaMarkova } Designs 1000members GroupGift


Nice to see you again :) 

One of my Favovite shop { AnaMarkova } Designs released new GroupGift gown.
maybe alot of people already known it :)  but i want to introduce this GropuGift.
I am lucky i can get this dress GroupGift. 
smooth texture and gorgeuse design.  I think you should get this dress :D

dress : {AnaMarkova} Dina Gown 1000 Member Group Gift
wristband : [Earth's] 7. Bao wristband  (After Easter Event. 1L)

Thank you for coming here today :)

After Easter @ [Earth’s]


Nice to see you again :) 

Introducing about "After Easter @ [Earth’s]"
This event sales are 100% benefits to Relay For Life. 
Running from Apr 12 - April 23.

 [Earth’s] released new 9 items. each 1L.
specially i like blue butteyfly wristband and earring :) 

right --- 9 (BG) - Toasty (Black/Gold)
left --- 9 (BG) - Toasty (Black/silver)

(dress will introduce next post) 

(on wall)

3. HOME Wall Hanger
4. Read The Numbers Clock (the last photo)

right --- 1 Piece of Pi Table
left --- 2. Play Me table w/ 4 different textures 
 (change for 4 texture with HUD / change size with touch)

on the pi table -- 5. Any Occasion Cake w/ Texture HUD (change texture each step with HUD) (you can see right side. middle possition one)

pillow that holding and attaching with my body --- 
  6. Comfy Condiment Decor Pillows(change texture each with HUD)
***this pose is own work. not including)

writband -- 7. Bao wristband w/ texture HUD (you can see right side. top possition one)
earring --- 8. Cut & Comb …

[VM]VERO MODERO / Virtual Diva


Nice to see you again :) 

Introducing about [VM] VERO MODERO released 3type dress.
and Virtuel Diva released New hair "Ariel".

Hair -- Virtual Diva (black natual color in BLACKS package)
dress : [VM] VERO MODERO  Indian Dress

Hair --- Virtual Diva (Blonde blondy in BLONDES package)
dress : [VM] VERO MODERO  Red Dress
shoes : E-Clipse Ete' Nude ( @ On9)

I like this 2dress color. 

My graphic board crashed in last weekend.... was suddenly....  
then i changed to new graphic board.
So i tried to take photos much higher setting than before.
I think i could take photos better than before!! 

Thank you for coming here today :) 



Nice to see you again :)

Intruducing about {AnaMarkova}Designs's dress.

dress :  {AnaMarkova} Lily Coatdress - Cotton Candy (Secret Wednesday) Necklace : Pure Poison - Tisuki Necklace (GroupGift)
about Coatdress all  6colors in main store. Every color so lovely.  if i have more linden i would buy fatpack.

{AnaMarkova}Ella Gown Violet (April GroupGift)
looks very elegant. I am very lucky i could get as GropuGift.

Thank you for coming here today :)

-IrodorI- @ [Room69] / -IrodorI- GroupGift


Nice to see you again :)

Introducing about kind of "Fantacy kimono" -IrodorI- in [Room69] and -IrodorI- new GroupGift.
like i said, -IrodorI- kimono are are different type with another shop kimono.
Those are looks like very fantastic. so i think "fantacy kimono".

exclusive kimono in [Room69] item named "春天女" meaning has "Spring Celestial maiden"
very very beautiful and gorgeous and lovely name. It is as like this lovely pink.

I hope you can feel by my photo about "Spring Celestial maiden"

-IrodorI- Haru tennyo(Vivid pink / Partial mesh) exclusive at [Room69] 

       (include list in pack)
Hair for japanease kimonoHair accessories (Hair and accessories are very nice with other kimono also)kimono obi (with belt)Hagoromo shawlOiran geta (shoes)
*Inner wear mesh 

-IrodorI- Sakura sakura(Memorial Gift of over 1500 members)
This gift is only in main store --- taxi 

Those items are would be your one of favorite kimono.
In main store has DEMO. before yo…

Virtual Diva / [:: JesyDream ::(closing sale)]


Nice to see you again :)
This time i want to introduce many things. please check credit.
 [:: JesyDream ::]   closing sale is untile April 11th

Hair --- Virtual Diva Ricky Mesh Hair (NEW!!)
top --- [:: JesyDream ::] Rebel Sweater PINK with denim shirt (closing sale)
pants -- :: PM :: Dress me Purple II Hunt #01
pose -- [andika poses LB lovely Day 01]  (previous LB)
  ( andika pose main store -- Taxi )

Flicker photo

tops --- Virtual Diva Mirror Top Red (previous release) pants --- [:: JesyDream ::] Leather Pant Brown (closing sale)

Thank you for  coming here today.